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Tevet, the 10th month on the Hebrew (God's) calendar

This month of Tevet, which falls between December and January, is known to have many evil desires being stirred up in peoples lives, This is also the month when Nimrod was born, who became a wicked king that was so evil, he even established a law that people should worship him on his birthday, (his birthday being Christmas, the 25th of December).

He declared himself be the sun god (the sun that gives light on the earth). He was also in charge of the building of the tower of Babel, the name Nimrod meaning; the one that rebelled as in Genesis 10:8-10.

The ancient readings says, that Nimrod killed his father and married his mother. After the death of Nimrod, his mother continued to be the queen over his kingdom. She had a dream and in that dream she saw Nimrod bringing presents (stolen goods), that he had plundered from the people that refused to exalt him and serve him as king.

And when he brought these treasures he put them under a tree. When the queen woke up from her dream, she commanded that her kingdom should continue to put presents under the green tree, in honour of Nimrod's birthday which falls on the (25th of December, Christmas).

In this month Ezra & Nehemiah died.

It is said that people being born in this month, has a strong connection to the physical and material world, that denies Godly existence, but it is also said that if those same people can shift their energies and invest them in God, they also can become so zealous for God, and turn out to be strong leaders for God.

Tevet means "ten" in Hebrew; Tevet shares the same root as the Hebrew word "tov", which means "good." However, in this month, we commemorate many sad events, including the Tenth of Tevet.
The letter ayin means "eye" in Hebrew. The month of Tevet is the month of the rectification and nullification of the "evil eye".

The word Tevet itself is referring to "tov ayin", "the goodly eye" (the source of the power of blessing, as it is said: "the goodly eye shall bless").

This rectification starts with the gazing at the Chanukah candles.
All destructive process begins with the "evil eye" of hatred, the hatred of the profane to the holy (the secret of ten, the holy number).
The month of contending for your faith in God.

This month falls in December or January










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